Showcase (with Zombies and a Skeleton)

The Showcase is an area built by tjcporter to keep people's best builds.


Build Builder Information
Nyan Cat TheEmpoleon65
Showcase - Emp's Nyan Cat

TheEmpoleon65's Nyan Cat in the Showcase

TheEmpoleon65 built Nyan Cat in Spawn, tjcporter copied it to Showcase as well.
Homer Simpson staddongamer
Showcase - staddon's Homer Simpson

staddongamer's Homer Simpson

staddongamer built Homer Simpson near Spawn, inspired by TheEmpoleon65 Statue. He asked tjcporter to move Homer to the Showcase.
Space Center BubbagedonXL
Showcase - Bubba's Space Center

BubbagedonXL's Space Center

BubbagedonXL entered the 14th March 2012 Build Challenge, he built a Space Center and won. tjcporter moved the Space Center to the Showcase.

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