TheEmpoleon65, along with tjcporter, is the creator of Ultimacraft.

General Information

TheEmpoleon65's real name is Cory, he was born on the 24th May in 1997 and currently lives in England.

TheEmpoleon65 is a student, walkthrougher and an Ultimate Admin on Ultimacraft.

TheEmpoleon65 built Nyan Cat, the TheEmpoleon65 Statue, the jail, the Digestive System and helped tjcporter build Spawn.

TheEmpoleon65 designed and made tjcporter's current skin.

Ultimacraft Survival

TheEmpoleon65, along with tjcporter, is one of the players who will be playing Ultimacraft Survival.

Skin Timeline

Day Put On Day Removed Skin Information
Unknown 17/3/12
Ultimacraft Pic 2

TheEmpoleon65's first skin (Unknown - 17/3/12)

With this skin, TheEmpoleon65 has a blue torso, shoulders and head with black arms and legs with grey markings on the face.

He we

ars white gloves and shoes, black clothing around his head, an icon on his chest and a beard-like mask.

17/3/12 28/4/12
TheEmpoleon65 Skin 17 March 2012

TheEmpoleon65's second skin (17/3/12 - 28/4/12)

With this skin, TheEmpoleon65 has a blue torso, shoulders, legs and face with black arms.

He wears white gloves, black boots, black clothing around his head and an icon on his chest.

28/4/12 29/4/12

TheEmpoleon65's third skin. (28/4/12 - 29/4/12)

With this skin, TheEmpoleon65 has a blue head with grey markings and has blue legs.

He wears a blue and greyish blue top with a black and red hood, a grey belt, an icon on his chest and black boots.

29/4/12 Unknown
Mix - 1.08pm

TheEmpoleon65 fourth skin, updated.

Mix - 12.30pm (2) and 12.31pm

TheEmpoleon65's fourth skin. (29/4/12 - Unknown)

With this skin, TheEmpoleon65 has his blue head with grey markings.

He wears a green hoodie, black trousers, trainers, wristbands and the icon strapped onto his chest.

The first version of this skin was missing the straps across the back and shoulders.

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